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About Us

We have worked with GIS technology since the late 90s and have seen GIS grow into a mainstream industry that is a part of every organisation today.

Since 2012 we have been helping decision makers find answers to complex spatial questions using the most powerful mapping frameworks. Maps do not just tell us how to navigate from A to B, they convey information about A that is relative to B. For a simplistic road map this is normally just the distance along a road, but so equally it could be more important to display how populated A is in relation to B, or how many of your customers live in A compared to B, and why this is the case.


Most organisations frequently need to ask ‘where’ and ‘why’ about their operations. This is what a Geographical Information System is all about.

Answering these questions is what we do for large international organisations as well as public and private sector organisations here in the UK. We provide location-based analysis.

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