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Geoptimise is a product we have developed to help you find more of your best customers. It is aimed at small to medium-sized companies that want to expand their business-to-consumer (B2C) customer base. Geoptimise will help you rapidly gain an understanding of where your best customers are located, allowing you to make decisions on how to coordinate your marketing efforts more effectively.

What do your best customers look like?
What type of house do they live in?
What is their weekly disposable income?
Are they typically of retirement age or young families?


Geoptimise can answer these questions, allowing you to understand the ‘profile’ of the customers that spend the most money with you. You can then concentrate your marketing and sales efforts on these types of customer. It can also show you where your worst performing customers are, so you can spend less time attracting these and geographically optimise (Geoptimise) your customer base.

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